Rome in Ruins -- Self-Guided Walks

Rome in Ruins is a series of self-guided walks to the archeological sites of ancient Rome. Each volume provides detailed information about the sites, a large scale map showing the route to each site, instructions of how to get to the walk area, a list of public toilets along the route, and photos of the landmarks.

The first two volumes in the series are:

1. Along the Aurelian Wall, a volume containing three walks in the vicinity of the third century AD defensive wall around the ancient city of Rome. This volume is available from and its European affiliates in both a print edition and a Kindle edition. The "Look Inside" feature on the Amazon will permit you to see the general approach that we use in these self-guided walks. Direct links are: print edition and Kindle edition.

2. Campus Martius and Its Ancient Monuments provides a self-guided walk through the popular Campus Martius area of central Rome. Following a similar format as Along the Aurelian Wall, this volume takes you to many of the very popular sites as well as several less well known ruins in this precinct of Rome. Campus Martius and Its Ancient Monuments is available in both a print edition and a Kindle edition (the links to will allow you to "Look Inside" the guide to see how we present these walks).

3. The third volume in the series, a walking guide to Ostia Antica, the port city of ancient Rome is currently in preparation. In the meantime, we are posting articles about Ostia Antica on our website. The articles and links to them are:

    A. Faux Bois Lintels of the Caseggiato delle Taberne Finestrate

    B. The Four Seasons Mosiac from Palazzo Imperiale at Ostia Antica

    C. Fun and games in Ostia

    D. The Brick Stamps of Ostia Tell Many Stories

    E. Want to uncover the mystery of Cane Monnus?


Updated June 17, 2017